Center For Business And Market Research

The main purpose of the research is to inform action, prove a theory, and contribute to developing knowledge in a field or study. It is not only a tool for building the knowledge and facilitating learning, but also a means to understand various issues and increase public awareness so that business can succeed. It is… Continue reading Center For Business And Market Research

Center Of Education In Social Sector

One of the leading business schools in India, SIMS has successfully and consistently translated its mission to Influence Practice and Promote Value-based Growth, through pedagogic innovations and pioneering programmes. SIMS runs its innovative initiatives and programmes through dedicated Centres of Excellence. One such prominent Centre of Excellence is the Centre for Education in the Social Sector (CESS). CESS was established… Continue reading Center Of Education In Social Sector

Center For Behavior Science

Though human almost similar everywhere, but human nature and behavior varies according to its hues and complexities. In order understand human behavior proper societal and cultural context has to be studied. Identifying, Understanding, Evaluating, Interpreting and comprehending human behavior in corresponding context is necessary for the success of the individual, organization and society. There is… Continue reading Center For Behavior Science