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Alumni Testimonial


Himeetha Baskaran (Batch 2015-2017)

Executive – BD
4i Apps Solutions Private Limited

SIMS has given me a platform to develop my skills, competencies, and helped me grow as a professional. The faculty has always been supportive enough & offered us a good foundation. Apart from learning, we had various exposure to events and co-curricular activities like industrial exposure that have given us an overview of the industrial world. I enjoyed my MBA journey and would like to thank the SIMS for providing the best environment.


S. ISHRUTHI (Batch 2012- 2014)


The ecosystem nurtured by the faculties of SIMS, comprising professors with wide industry experience, has been a key factor enabling factor for the under graduates to enrich their knowledge not only in paper but also in practice.

The series of competitive events organised by the institution in coordination with the Management Associations like MMA, helped us to test the gained knowledge on ground, thereby completing the learning circle.


Mathi Arasi M (Batch 2010-2012)

HR- Executive
Virtusa Technologies

Sairam Institute of Management Studies (SIMS) is a platform to nourish ourselves with knowledge and corporate elegance. The two years spent in Sairam has transformed my thoughts to get in connect with the modern world, understand the business and adapt to the environment leading to the gateway of success. The mentoring by the faculties ensures to bridge the gap between the campus and corporate thereby providing the opportunity to taste the fruits of success. Sairam family gave me the opportunity and exposure to bring out the best in me. I’m Proud to be Sairam graduate.


D.S Pandian (2009-2011)


I would just like to say that have faith in your abilities and never lose hope.Sairam institute has provided me roots to follow my dreams and passion and I am exploring my potential in every sphere of life. I owe gratitude to my professors for enabling each one of us to be believe that we are special and preparing us to embrace the ever evolving Global Challenges.


Nithya A, (Batch 2009-2011)

State Bank of India.

The college with good infrastructure and being one of the top colleges in Chennai is ‘Sairam Engineering College’. It sustains the top position in providing quality education containing well experienced faculties. I am proud to be a product of Sairam Engineering College, where I did my MBA in 2009-2011. My long term dream got fulfilled through my College, as Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam visited and falicitated the graduates of 2011 passed out students in our gradutaion day. I am gald to state that most of the alumnies of our college were placed in different reputed organizations including top MNCs, Govt sectors etc.,


Rajkumar Harikrishnan (Batch : SIMS 2008-2010)

Senior Channel Manager
Vodafone Cellular Ltd

Am so proud to be the part & parcel of SIMS family : 2008-2010 Batch. We always had excellent infrastructure(Library & Labs) and assertive management faculties who were so supportive 360 Degrees. Budding Managers are equipped in terms of extra curricular Biz activities like Paper presentations, Best Manager, Business Plan, Ad-Zap, B-Quiz, Product Launch, Debates, and also in cultural events. Recognizing University Rank holders with scholarships, National & International Conferences & various industry connect programs are unique features of SIMS. Special thanks to Dr.Maran who engaged us with “EARN WHILE LEARN” programme & seeded the DISCIPLINED Biz dimensions out of the classrooms. Faculty friends helped us by every means to Sharp shoot the job opportunities. Missing SIMS library very much @ my corporate desk ..I could recollect the proverb heads in every lecture halls. My cup of tea is from library’ – “The Loudest way to tell the world SHUT UP is to show the RESULTS”. Believe me, you could decipher absolute directions even from the walls of SIMS. Thanks.


Javid Mohammed

Senior Processing Executive.
Bank of New York Mellon

My overall college experience was great and it has groomed me well. It is a garden for the young talents to nurture. The faculty were wonderful, very approachable, affirming of each accomplishment and always there to help when needed, not just for career oriented but for personal advice as well. College has a well stocked Library with books on various topics. The class rooms of the college are spacious and well ventilated. Now I am working in the field that i want to be in. I wish all the best for the future endeavors of the college.


Indumathy Ravindran (Batch 2006-2008)

Cognizant Technology Solutions.

Am always proud to call myself a product of SIMS. The level of coaching and the care we got from the faculties are amazing and the subject knowledge still remains fresh in my mind even after 5 years of industry experience.it is because of the way were taught the subject and the way it is related with the real time scenarios given by our staffs. Apart from curriculum we are encouraged to participate in all inter college events which gave us exposure and builds lot of confidence in ourselves. We have got the best placement cell which gives customized care for every student and coaches them to achieve their aspiration in life. It was in Sairam college I built confidence of my career and the way to carry myself in the society to become successful human being.
I owe all my success in my life to my MBA professors and toe Sairam management.


V Venkatesh (2006-2008 Batch MBA)

Area Manager-Chennai
Castrol India Limited

I am proud to be an alumini of Sairam which has stood as a platform for elevating me to the position where I am today. In the fruitful 2 years spent I was nurtured and molded to face the challenges and grab the opportunities that lie ahead. Rather than classroom knowledge I got chance to explore with the external environment which still holds in hand in all my endeavors. The quality of staff and their friendly approach to guide & coach always stand out to the aspiring. The workshops and seminars facilitated to gain insight about the industry & market. The exposure to take part in the management fests enabled me to bring out my ideas & develop my competency to meet the industry standards. I thank the management for providing such a wonderful environment to develop individuals like me & wish them all the very best for all the efforts they take to develop a better tomorrow.


B.Bharathi das (2005-2007)

Manager – Marketing (Dealer Development)
Royal Enfield

To tell something about my days in SIMS ……………..
Frankly , I am what I am today is because of this education , There will be hundreds of criticism from people around you, Who will try to pull you down in every circumstances , but There will be a place where you will learn how to equip yourselves Rather groom yourselves to face the above world with your Own skills which you have not identified . This is the place I have learned to sharpen my inner abilities to fight not only for Survival but for excellence.
To put it in a nut shell , I have learned the totem of success i.e 7 Ds – ~ Dedication ~ Determination ~ Dignity ~ Decorum ~ Devotion ~ Discipline ~ Destiny ~
From this institution but never forgetting the bottom line For the better of mankind .


M.Giridharan (Batch 2003-2005)

SAP Team Lead
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

TI had a marvelous experience while studying with Sri Sairam Institute of Management Studies (SIMS). The Faculty are well experienced with good knowledgeable and they trained the students by grooming them to cope up with the corporate culture as working with team. The college is very good in discipline; training and scoring aspects as we are know that the SIMS will be mostly ranked in Top 5 list of Anna University. It is due to the initial selection as well as training the students. The staff are friendly in nature as well as grooming them by conducting Group discussions and making the students to participate in Paper Presentations in various other colleges. So that it build’s a self confidence as well as to work within the team to achieve the final goal and also they are helping the students wherever it is necessary. I’m very proud to be the product of SIMS. Thank you very much to all my professors who groomed and shaped my life!


G.KARNAN (Batch 2002 – 2004)

(Finnish Multinational)

SIMS is one of the very few institutions which offer’s quality education, packaged with the right mix of experienced faculty, inculcating the need for overall personality development and providing the required industrial exposure among the aspiring young minds, thereby moulding them to face the challenges of the outside world. SIMS has definitely helped me explore my potential and had given me a platform to exhibit the same and had been instrumental in my successful career.”


Vimal Kumar (Batch: 2003-2005)

Senior Consultant
SAP Labs, Bangalore

Couldn’t believe its been more than 8 years since I left Sairam as the memories are still fresh. Sairam provided me the right platform as opportunities were abundant to nourish my career. Faculty members were very supportive in nurturing the required skills through
which I could scale up in my career as well. Cherished a lot of time in the Library as the book collections were enormous and spread across all the topics. The facilities and infrastructure in college were of high standards. College organized many extra curricular activities and inter college events were I narrowed down the weakness and turned it as my strength. In a nutshell, I could break all my barriers to demonstrate the apt skills which made me complete.


Bino Mathew (1998-2000)

Chief HR Officer
JAL LIc, Saudi Arabia

Hi friends… Well, to pen about my association with SIMS, it can’t be expressed in mere words, the institution and the faculty members were very good and I am still in touch with them. A wonderful atmosphere, the bright classrooms, adequate volumes of books and journals in the library are fresh in my memories. I shall be much grateful for what I am today is because of this institution. The management and the faculty are very much approachable and keen in bringing out the best in each and every student. I can say SIMS is one of the best place to learn & gain knowledge and understand the business reality to face and manage the challenges in the competitive world.

Seminar/ Guest Lecture by Alumni

Bino Mathew 1998-2000 Batch
MD , Skyline Solar Solutions,

S.K.Ravindran 1998-2000 Batch
Senior Manager
Etisalat Telecom, UAE.

Maruti Varaprasad 1999-2001
Regional Manager
African Consumer Care Ltd., Nigeria.

G.Karnan 2002 – 2004 Batch
Technical Sales Manager – India,
ABLOY India, Chennai.

M. Giridharan 2003-2005 Batch
SAP Team Lead
Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Mumbai

Vimal Kumar 2003-2005 Batch
Senior Consultant
SAP Labs, Bangalore

B.Bharathi Das 2005-2007 Batch
Royal Enfield, Chennai

V. Venkatesh 2006-2008 Batch
Territory Manager
Maruti Suzuki, Kerala.

Javid Mohammed 2007-2009 Batch
Senior Processing Executive.
Bank of New York Mellon, Chennai.

Rajkumar Harikrishnan 2008-2010 Batch
Senior Manager,
Vodafone Cellular Ltd, Bangalore.

Gopinath 2009-2011 Batch
Branch Manager
Andhra Bank, Vellore.

Vijay 2009-2011 Batch
Manager – Logistics
BMW, Chennai