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Consultancy and Funding Project

Resource Mobilization for Research
Grants for research projects sponsored by the non-government sources such as industry , corporate houses , international bodies, endowments , chairs in the institution during the last five years (3)

Corporate Experts On Curriculum Development

S.NoName of the expertDesignationCompany Name
1Mr.B.VijayakumarManaging DirectorPradeep Steels
2Mr.C.K.KumaravelChief Executive OfficerNaturals Salon
3Dr.S.RamakrishnanDeputy General ManagerParle Agro
4Mr.Anto KumarGeneral Manager- HRBlue Star

Faculty on Board

1.  Dr.K.SoundaraPandiyan·                     Pradeep Stainless Steel India Pvt. Ltd
·                     Kanor Systems Inc
2.  Dr.B.Venkateswara PrasadCERT Technologies
Venture Lighting India Ltd
3.  Dr.V.SasirekhaMercury Manufacturing Company Limited
Victory Software Solutions
4.  Dr.R.SureshAster Comfort Designs private Ltd
5.  Dr.S.SankarSVS Oil Mills Pvt. Ltd
6.  Dr.V.DhayalanPachaiyappa’s Silks

Consultancy Work

  • Total amount – 5,61,000
Sl.No.Faculty In-chargeDetails of the WorkFunding Agency
1Dr. K. MaranResource Person for Seminar, Social Science Research and importance in Business
Decision making
Department of commerce & financial Studies University of Kashmir
2Dr. K. MaranResource person, Who I am, workshopAPC Mahalakshmi College of women thuthodi
3DR USMAN MOHIDEEN K SSurvey conducted in Chennai city to understand the public perception towards mutual fund. Totally 243 samples are collected and findings were
presented to the company
4Dr. K. MaranResource person, Quality for women leaders, All India Hair and Beauty Association,
Motivation talk
All India Hair and Beauty Association
5Dinesh Kumar SDigital Marketing - Sourcing potential students for
MCube Academy
6Dr. K. MaranResource Person for IED, Market & Business
Development Model
7Dr. K. MaranResource person, No medicines for your stress heart, All India Hair and Beauty Association,
Motivation talk
All India Hair and Beauty Association
8Dr. R.SureshStudy on service requirementsR K Industries
9Soundarapandiyan KMarketing Segmentation
using blue ocean strategy
VNS Automation Pvt Ltd
10Dr. K. MaranSales Promotion of new branded garments at Chennai city -Customer target on youth and higher education students in the campus by
way of Start up culture
Zha Branded Graments, Chennai
11Dr.R.JeyalakshmiCompetitor analysis for a proposed coffee shop was made and helps to build aa business plan for this companyEETTAL BEVERAGES
12Hemanth Kumar VCRM - utilization as a powerful tool for
strengthening customer base.
copier toner enterprises
13Soundarapandiyan KLean Management - Maximizing benefitVani Scientific Equipments Pvt Ltd
14Dr. B.Venkateswara PrasadLG Fashions
15DR V SASIREKHACustomer satisfaction regarding freight forwarding
services and its impact
16Mr.K.MURUGANAdvertising campaign is a written report provides an objective campaign analysis, highlights favorable results and identifies areas in which advertising strategy
adjustments are appropriate.
17Dr. K. MaranResource Person for Seminar, Understanding self concept
for management student
Department of Management Studies University of Kashmir
18Soundarapandiyan KIdentifying the Market Potential and Opportunities for Real Estate Market in
Sub-Urban areas
Leo Housing Pvt Ltd
19Dinesh Kumar SOptimizing logistics for
effective procurement
Super Sea Foods Pvt Ltd
20Dr. K. MaranResource person , IQ or EQ- Tools for leadership success
in digital era
Refresher Program SSEC
21Dr.S.SANKARTraining on payroll management system for
Administrative employees.
22Dr.P.VenkateshTo fullfill the company manufacturing requirements its very important to select the best supplier in the market based on the Quality, Price, Prompt delivery and Credit delivery so that there must be unstop output generation and will able to satisfy the Demand of marketMadras Electro Platers
  • Total amount – 7,59,750
Sl.No.Faculty In-chargeDetails of the workClient Name
1Dr. K. MaranResource Person , How to be an
Entrepreneur for Executive MBA
Eastern University srilanka
2Hemanth Kumar VService Quality - attractracting
potential customers and enhacing customer retention.
Skyware Solutions
3Dr. K. MaranResource Person Contemporary teaching methodology for commerce and management
Center University of Mysore
4Soundarapandiyan KDigital Marketing Strategy for
maximizing potential reach
G M Agencies
5Dr. R.SureshUnderstanding customer needs, Identifiying and sourcing of right merchandise ,planning the right
6Dinesh Kumar SSPANCO Model for enhancing SalesVardhamanan Silks Manufacturing Pvt Ltd
7DR V SASIREKHAAnalyse the best practices in
operations management
8Hemanth Kumar VCustomer Relationship Mangement Strategies - to restric client trunover and enhance
client satisfication.
O' Clock Software
9Dr. R.SureshTarget market identification,
Transportation and warehousing cost
Delite Surgicals
10Mr.K.MURUGANNeural marketing is a commercial marketing communication field that applies neuropsychology. neural processes observed provide a more accurate prediction of population-level data in
comparison to self-reported data.
11Dr. B.Venkateswara PrasadAddressing employees how to
balance bewtween personal and work life as well
Resource Person, Innovative Methods and Social media & Social mediatools for effective
12Dr. K. MaranResource Person, Innovative Methods and Social media & Social mediatools for effective
13Dr. K. MaranResource Person , Ethics & social responsibility of graduate studentEastern Univesity
14Dr.V.DhayalanImpart knowledge on stress management for all employees. Gave insight into 101 ways to beat the stress including yoga
S.S. Electricals
15Dr.P.VENKATESHStatement showing the items of differences between the cash Book balance and the pass book balance, prepared on any day for reconciling the two balances. A transaction relating to bank has
to be recorded in Cash Book and Pass Book.
Maruthi Power Control
16Dr.V.DhayalanWritten procedure for staff Selection of Sales perssonal for saguntahala silksR.D.S Super Market Pvt. Ltd
17Dinesh Kumar SOptimizing the Transportation
schedule to enhance productivity
Maruti Polybag Pvt Ltd
18Dr.R.JeyalakshmiOne week training on soft skill development was given to employees. the training was mainly focused on telephone etiquettes, early morning wake up practices, time management and self grooming.MK Business Solutions
19Hemanth Kumar VLogistics Management - Optimizing operatiponal efficency through wider
coverage and route scheduling.
Sreelaya transport
20Soundarapandiyan KCreating awareness for Financial
MCube Academy Pvt Ltd
21Dr. K. MaranImparted training to Deputy Chief Secretary- Personnel and Training, Secretaries, Department Heads and several
senior officials
22Dr.S.SANKARTraining on preparation of
payroll for staffs.
K S Blue Metal Pvt Ltd
23DR USMAN MOHIDEEN K SWork life balance techniques and problems for women
employees in the company
24Dr. K. MaranResource Person, Innovative Teaching Methodology for
engineering faculty
25Dr. K. MaranResource Person in Emotional Intelligence for sustainability developmentDepartment of Training and Development South East Province Srilanka(SLAS)
26Dr. B.Venkateswara PrasadManaging emotions will help in improving the quality of work
and interpersonal relations
Vogue Sourcing
27DR USMAN MOHIDEEN K SInsight into concept of 6 sigma. Best Six sigma practices in industry along with video
Six sigma
28Dr. K. MaranImparted training on Leadership
and Innovation for Goal Attainment
29DR V SASIREKHATo Identify the effectiveness of container handling and issues associated involved in itMEENAKSHI CARGO FORWARDERS PVT LTD
30DR V SASIREKHAAnalyse the sloar energy market
potential and tis impact on hydel energy
31Hemanth Kumar VEngineering students employment competency for their employability skills in self- financing institutions in southern
part of Tamil Nadu
Build Hr Consultants Pvt Ltd
32Dr.S.SANKARTraining on finance for non- finance people in the
VNS Automations Pvt Ltd
  • Total amount – 8,85,500

Sl.No.Faculty In-chargeDetails of the workClient Name
1Mr.K.MURUGANViral marketing or viral advertising is a business strategy that uses existing social networks to promote a product mainly on various social media platforms.PPP Pharmacuticals Ltd., Chennai
2Dr.S.SANKARConducting Training on showing possitive attitute towards job for employees.SFP & SONS PVt., LTd.,
3Dr. K. MaranResource person – Panel discussion and chairing session for “International Conference on “ emerging global issues and challengesDepartment of commerce, SSS Jain college for women
4SoundaraPandiyan KAmplifying the effectiveness of Brand Promotion strategies adoptedVani Scientific Equipments Pvt Ltd
5DR USMAN MOHIDEEN K SImpart knowledge on stress management for all employees. Gave insight into 101 ways to beat the stress including yoga sessionRELIANCE STEEL CORPORATION
6DR V SASIREKHAEvaluation of small eletric meter reort and its effective functioningITRON SYSTEMS PVT. LTD
7Hemanth Kumar VLogistics Management - Optimizing tranportation schedule for effective resource utilization.Jesus Rajan Traders and Transports
8DR USMAN MOHIDEEN K SElaborated various sources of grievances along with grievance handling procedure. The program conducted for top and middle level employeesRELIANCE TRADING CORPORATION
9Dr. K. MaranResource person for Managerial excellence for business man in the Innovation Entrepreneurship Awareness campDepartment of Production engineering , Sri Sai Ram engineering college
10Dr.P.VENKATESHInventory valuation method evaluates inventories at the economic level. These techniques are of great importance when the prices for acquired units are different. Companies should be aware of the inventory cost and maintain the proper Inventory level.JSR ENTERPRISES, CHENNAI
11Dr. R.SureshStudy on legacy system, Identification of right ERP productIdeal Fastener India Pvt. Ltd
12Dr.R.JeyalakshmiOne week Training given to employees in the field of stress management and time management.Berger's Infra
13Dr. K. MaranResource person for “Career Guidance program” – Vetri padigalPuthiyathalimurai, Hosur
14Dr. K. MaranResource person for Feasibility study in Entrepreneurship Awareness campRam engineering college
15Hemanth Kumar VLabour Welfare Strategies - for contracat labour managementSiva Pack Woods and Traders
16Dinesh Kumar SPayroll Management System Development using analyticsBuildhr Pvt Ltd
17Dr.V.DhayalanMotivatinng employees for better performance R.D.S SUPER MARKET PVT.LTD.
18Dr. K. MaranImparted training program on “Understanding self” for NLC New Joining ExecutivesNLC
19Dr. B.Venkateswara PrasadCouselling for employees forSai Lalith Fragrances
20Dr. B.Venkateswara Prasadboth professional and personal problems to cope up Stress management practices to cope up with the stress to avoid physical, psychologicalSwabs India Pvt. Ltd
21Dr. K. MaranResource person for Feasibility study in Entrepreneurship Awareness camp Department of Computer Science , Sri Sai Ram engineering college
22Hemanth Kumar VCreating Brand Awareness - through outdoor and social mediaNeverest Industries
23Dinesh Kumar SStrategising on Digital Marketing using big dataWeboomba Pvt Ltd
24Dr. K. MaranResource person for FDP – Training for diet lecturergovernment of Tamilnadu, SCERT
25Dr. K. MaranSolar Power Project Implementation and its awareness about individual households and target the results in sub-urban areasMaruti Power Control Systems
26DR V SASIREKHAMonitoring of commodity trending and tax related issues to make wise investment tCHENNAI METAL TRADERS
27Dr. K. Maranengineering management students
28Dr.V.DhayalanAfter Sales Service and support for sustainable developmentSagunthala Silks
29DR V SASIREKHAAnaylse the markt potential and market trends for pharmaceutical businessIMHOTEP PHARMACEUTIC ALS
30Dr.S.SANKARMotivating Lower Level employees by Conducting Motivational Development Programme.CELEBRITY FASHIONS PVt., Ltd
31Dr.P.VENKATESHAuditing is the key parameter for the organisation growth and development based on that the financial performance is to be attained and also helpful for the bedgeting and decision making processMK ENGINEERING, CHENNAI
32Dr. K. MaranImparted EDP training program on “ Change Management ” for NLC New Joining ExecutivesNLC
33Dr. B.Venkateswara PrasadImbibing the leadership qualities to make them as effectve team playersChennai Polypack Pvt. Ltd
34Mr.K.MURUGANSales promotion is a short-term incentive to initiate trial or purchase. Sales promotion includes several communications activities that attempt to provide added value or incentives to consumers, wholesalers, retailers, or other organizational customers to stimulate immediate sales.CASTWEL AUTO PARTS PVT. LTD.
35Dr.V.DhayalanSales promotion techniques are important in salesR.D.S Build Mart
36Dr.R.JeyalakshmiA study on customer behaviour towards mutual funds and equity investment was made using a questionnaire. The annalysis from the questionnaire helps the stock broking firm to empower their employees.Eettal finserv
37Dr.S.SANKARConducting Programme on mobilisation of funds from various sources for top level excutives.JP ENTERPRISES PVt., Ltd.,
38Dr. K. MaranResource person for “Career Guidance programAmalorpove Higher secondary school, Pondicherry
39Dr. K. MaranResource person for “Career Guidance programRane TRW
40Dr. K. MaranImparted EDP training program on “ Change Management ” for NLC New Joining ExecutivesNLC
41Soundarapandiyan K5-S implementation for enhanced productivityMaruti Polybags Pvt Ltd
42Dr. R.SureshEstablish market development aims and targets. Identify target market(s), sectors and niches.Design and provide your required monitoring, measurement and reporting systems.Implement your sales development activityManav Packaging Pvt. Ltd.
43Dr. R.SureshIdentification of service requirements. Analysing the existing facilitiesYRM Industries

  • Total number of Consultancy – 17
  • Total number of client organization – 15
  • Total amount – 1250000
S.NoCorporateConsulting titleFaculty nameAmount
1NLC LtdChange management,
Creativity and lateral thinking,
Self understanding
Dr.K.MaranPhase 1- Rs 25,000
Phase 2- Rs 50,000
Phase 3- Rs 25,000
2Honey well electrical LtdProcess re engineeringDr.K.Maran&
T.Praveen Kumar
Phase 1-Rs 50,000
Phase 2- Rs 50000
3Kalvimalar.comSearch engine optimizationDr R.SureshRs 65,000
4Webboomba . digital mediaRevenue generation strategy
Emotional quotient
T.Praveen kumar
Dr.K.Soundara pandiyan
Phase 1-Rs 60,000
Phase 2- Rs 60000
Phase 3- Rs 60000
5E-crusaders.comTraining and developmentDr.K.Soundara pandiyanPhase 1-Rs 50000
Phase 2- Rs 45000
6Only coffee Pvt ltdMarket penetration strategyDr.S.Sankar&
S.Dinesh kumar
Phase 1- Rs 50000
Phase 2- Rs 60000
7Pachiappas silks Pvt ltdRetailing strategiesDr.V.DhalayanRs.50000
8Kathir sudhir autoProcess improvement strategyDr.V.Hemanth KumarRs. 65,000
9DSN AutomotiveCompetency mappingMr.K.S.Usman mohideenPhase 1- 70,000
Phase 2- 50,000
10Students podiumProduct developmentT.Praveen KumarRs.35000
11EVA Stalin EducationExtension strategyDr.K.MARANRs 45000
12Western Thomson India Pvt ltdTraining and developmentDr.K.Maran & Dr.S.SankarRs 65000
13SVS Oil Pvt LtdProduct reliability and re engineeringDr.K.MaranRs.50000
14Career Kalvi.inDigital MarketingDr.K.MaranRs 45000
15Chennai Auto Pvt ltdEmployee engagement
Training and development
Dr.V.Hemanth Kumar
Dr.K.Soundara pandiyan
Rs 65000
Rs 60000
Name of the Project/ Endowments, ChairsName of the Principal InvestigatorDepartment of Principal InvestigatorYear of AwardFunds providedDuration of the project
A study on two wheeler accidents and its causes with reference to students in ChennaiDr.V.HemanthKumarManagement Studies201735,0009 Months
Name of the Project/ Endowments, ChairsName of the Principal InvestigatorDepartment of Principal InvestigatorYear of AwardFunds providedDuration of the project
Causes of north eastern people migration to South India – An Empirical StudyDr. B.Venkateswara PrasadManagement Studies201640,0001 Year
Name of the Project/ Endowments, ChairsName of the Principal InvestigatorDepartment of Principal InvestigatorYear of AwardFunds providedDuration of the project
A Study on socio-economic status of Tamil Elam people with reference to post warDr.Maran & Dr.B.Venkateswara PrasadManagement Studies201540,0001 Year
Name of the Project/ Endowments, ChairsName of the Principal InvestigatorDepartment of Principal InvestigatorYear of AwardFunds providedDuration of the project
A Study on literacy and employability with reference to Malaysian NationalsDr.K.Maran & Dr. K. SoundarapandiyanManagement Studies201445,0001Year and 3 Months
Professional students training effectiveness with reference to technical institutions in Tamil NaduDr.V.SasirekhaManagement Studies201435,0001 Year
Name of the Project/ Endowments, ChairsName of the Principal InvestigatorDepartment of Principal InvestigatorYear of AwardFunds providedDuration of the project
Growth potential of power sector in Tamil Nadu using Biomass fuelDr.K.MaranManagement Studies201340,0001 Year

Funded Project

  • Total amount of Fund received – 966700
DR. K MARANDesign And Development Of Assessment Tool For RecruitmentBuild Hr (I) Pvt. Ltd.
DR. B.VENKATESWARA PRASADCustomer Satisfaction Towards Quality Of Banking ServicesCanara Bank
DR.S.SANKARPotential Market Identification For Steel In Tier 2 CitiesPradeep Stainless Steels
DR.V.DHAYALANJob Satisfaction Of EmployeesSakunthala Silks
MR.K.MURUGANAdvertising MediaWebboomba
DR USMAN MOHIDEEN K SEthical Issues In Distribution In Iron And Steel IndustryReliance Trading Corporation
DR.R.SURESHErp ImplementationMercury Manufacturing Industries
DR.P.VENKATESHTechniques For Assessing The Durability Of Small Scale Business OpportunityJsr Enterprises, Chennai
DR.P.VENKATESHThe Effect Of Cost Reduction And Control Techniques On The Performance Of ManufacturingMk Engineering, Chennai
DR.V.HEMANTHKUMARHuman Resource Informaation System DevelopmentCastwel Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd.
DR. K. SOUNDARAPANDIYANRevenue Optimization - Target Pricing ConceptVani Scientific Equipments Pvt Ltd
DINESH KUMAR SMarket Potential IdentificationG M Agencies
DINESH KUMAR SEnd To End Sales TrainingRaja Enterprises
DR.R.JEYALAKSHMIInvestors Behviour Towards Mutual Fund InvestmentsEettal Finserv
DR.R.JEYALAKSHMIInfluence Of Lifestyle Amenities On Upper Middle Class CustomersBergers Infra
  • Total amount of Fund received – 703800
FACULTY NAMEResearch Project TitleOrganization
DR V SASIREKHAReport On Solar Energy For Home SystemsRvr Research Foundation
DR V SASIREKHALogistics Management For Iron Scrap DealersSree Vari Steels
DR. B.VENKATESWARA PRASADEmployee Satisfation Towards Working ConditionsTRW Rane (P) Ltd.,
DR.V.DHAYALANReport On Customer Relations ManagementS.S.Elctricals
MR.K.MURUGANLogistics Mangement For Automation ProductsMaruthi Power Control Systems
DR USMAN MOHIDEEN K SIncreasing Effectiveness Of Virtual WorkplaceWebboomba
DR.R.SURESHERP ImplementationMugi Homecare
DR.P.VENKATESHFinancial Problems And Survival Strategies Of Small Scale EnterprisesCastwel Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd.
DR. V.HEMANTH KUMARLogistics Mangement And Pricing StrategiesJesus Rajan Traders And Transports
DR. K. SOUNDARAPANDIYANAdoption Of Lean Management For Enhanced ProductivityMaruti Polybags Pvt Ltd
DR. L. ARUNACHALAMStudy On Skill Enhancement Platform For Under Graduate EngineersJayam Academy
DINESH KUMAR SProspect Identification Using Data AnalyticsWeboomba Pvt Ltd
DR.R.JEYALAKSHMIOnline And Offline Marketing StrategiesEettal Food And Beverages
  • Total amount of Fund received – 606900
DR V SASIREKHACorporate Social Responsibility Activities Of AmulCBS Pvt. Ltd., Saidapet
DR.S.SANKARRetention Of Labource Force In Washing UnitCelebrity Fashions Pvt., Ltd
DR.V.DHAYALANJob Stress Of Employees In Sales And MarketingRDS Group Of Companies
DR.V.DHAYALANScrap Reduction And Scrap Maintenance In Manufacturing ProcessMadras Electroplatters
MR.K.MURUGANThe Relevance Of Sales Promotion To Business OrganisationsAachi Masala Pvt Ltd.
DR USMAN MOHIDEEN K SRetention Of Employees In ManufacturingReliance Steel Corporation
DR.P.VENKATESHStrategies To Reduce Arbitration Stress For Stock BrokersBMA Wealth Creators
DR. V.HEMANTH KUMARService Quality And Customer Retention StrategiesSkyware Solutions
Dr. K SOUNDARAPANDIYANAwareness Creation Of Financial Instruments For NgosMcube Academy Pvt Ltd
DINESHKUMAR5s Strategy ImplementationMercury Fashions
DR R JEYALAKSHMIEmployee Expectations About Salary In Data Entry FieldMK Business Solutions
DR R JEYAALAKSHMIHospital ManagementShadithya Hospitals