Center For Analytics

Centre of Excellence – Business Analytics

Business Analytics (BA) and its related terms such as Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Mining,Data Science, etc. have become a powerful tool for growth in the 21st Century. The Department of Management Studies, Sri Sai Ram Engineering College, Chennai has established Centre Of Excellence – Business analytics in Collaboration With Mafoi Strategic Consulting Pvt Ltd, Chennai in the college. The Centre of excellence- Business Analytics focuses on the development of analytical thinking with large, ambiguous and complex data from diversified sources and translating it into potential solutions for dynamic business challenges and helps in developing new tools, methods and approaches to harness the power of big-data and business analytics. The centre aims at creating opportunitiesfor academicians, students, and industry partners to come closer and bring about synergy related to the strategic thinking, operational methodologies and analytical problem solving that inspires organizational excellence.


  • To conduct Certification and training programs for students and academicians leading to Certifications of international repute
  • To develop collaborative research relationships with industries for big data analytics.
  • To explore opportunities for business students in the areas related to analytical decision making through seminar ,training and workshop from analytic

Certification Programs Offered:

Business intelligence and Analytics

The certification programme focuses on building knowledge of analytical techniques and the capability to leverage them – to enhance business performance. It is aimed at giving the participants a conceptual and practical exposure to the application of analytical techniques in the realm of Business Management. The programme will be taught using R, Rstudio, Rattle and Microsoft Excel. Participants will use real data sets and learn how the output is interpreted to aid decision-making.

Course Content

What is Business and what is Analytics

  • What is Business Analytics
  • Why we need to do Business Analytics
  • Understanding the Business and Business Problems
  • Understanding Data Analysis Techniques and Algorithms
  • Knowing Relevant Statistical and Mathematical Concepts
  • Business Analytics Presentation
  • Introduction to R and R Studio
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • R Installation, Installing R, Installing R Studio
  • Exploring the RStudio Interface
  • Basics of R Programming
  • Assigning the Values
  • Creating the Vectors
  • Data Structures in R
  • Matrices , Arrays, Data Frames, Lists, Factors
  • Reading and Writing Data
  • Reading Text file, Reading MS Excel file
  • Reading Data From Web
  • Using Control Statements , ifelse , for, while
  • looping functions, writing our own functions
  • Working with R Packages and Libraries
  • Descriptive analytics
  • Population and sample
  • Mean, Median, Mode, Range
  • Quantiles, Standard deviationVariance
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Graphical description of the data using ggplot
  • Plots in R, Histogram, Bar plot, Box plots, – Scatter Plots, Qlik Sense
  • Business Analytics Presentation
  • Data Cleaning and Wrangling Theory
  • Preprocessing the Data
  • Data Types, Data Preparation
  • Data Preprocessing with R
  • Evaluating the Model,
  • Training Data Partition
  • Test Data Partition
  • Validation Data Partition
  • Classification Model Evaluation
  • Regression Model Evaluation
  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Correlation, Corrrelation Coefficient
  • Simple Linear Regression, Assumptions of Regression, Simple Linear Regression Equation
  • Creating Simple Regression Equation in R
  • Testing the Assumptions of Regression
  • Predicting the Response Variable
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Using Multiple Linear Regression
  • The Data, Correlation,
  • Applying the Model,
  • Validation of the Assumptions of Regression,
  • Multiple Linear Regression Equation
  • Training and Testing the Model
  • Conclusion, Case study

Industry expert Associations

  • Muthukumaran Principal Consultant Mafoi Analytics and Research- Chennai
  • Sandeep Acharya Vice President Lymbyc Analytics – Bangalore
  • Lavanya Nandakumar Director – HR Cognizant – Chennai


DateGuest SpeakerDesignationTopic
18.11.21M.RajaRamAdditional chief Electoral Officer Public Relations Dept ChennaiInduction Day Address
V.PanchanathanVice Chancellor Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University ChennaiSpecial Address
Mr.Bino MathewHead HR- JAL LLC kingStrategies for career Success
19.11.21Mr.lakshmi NarashimanGeneral Manager-HR Breaks IndiaNew Age skills for Business Managers
Prof.Dr.K.MaranDirector, Sri Sairam Institute of management StudiesWho Am I
Prof.Dr.M.Arul KamarajDept of Social Work, Loyola College, ChennaiGoal Setting and life enhancement
20.11.21Mr.U.Peter SahayarajVice president Ashiana Housing Ltd, ChennaiU are a Brand
Mr.Srivatsan R.CEO and managing Director only coffee India Pvt LtdEntrepreneurs -Pillars of nation
Dr.L. ArunachalamDean-Training and Placement, Sri Sairam institutionsSkills and Career Opportunities for Management Professionals


  • 1. Dr.S.Dinesh Kumar
  • 2. Dr.R.suresh
  • 3. Mr.M.Manigandan
  • 4. Dr.B.Keerthana

Batch -1

No of students trained – 50

Sai Ram Institute of Management Studies in collaboration with Mafoi strategy consulting pvt ltd, Center of excellence – Business analytics Is Conducting A 5 Days Certificate Program On “Business intelligence and Analytics” On 7th to 12th January 2018 at Our College Premises

Batch -2

No of students trained – 107

Sai Ram Institute of Management Studies in collaboration with Mafoi strategy consulting pvt ltd, Center of excellence – Business analytics Is Conducting A 5 Days Certificate Program On “Business intelligence and Analytics” On 21st to 25th March 2019 at Our College Premises

SIMS organised webinar on Analytics for Business Manager Mr.Sethuram Reddy.Etti and Mr.Rangarajan, HTC, chennai addressed the students.