Sri Sairam Institute of Management Studies

Center of excellence for invigorated education

Program Outcomes (PO)

PO1 : Business Knowledge
Learn business knowledge for understanding business problems and to sort out feasible solution

PO2 : Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
Implication of theories into practicality that help in strategic planning, analysis and feasible execution.

PO3 : Communication Skill development
Develop different forms of communication that matches modern business scenario

PO4 : Leadership and Team building
Unleashes the hidden leadership potentials among students and develop their qualities to be a new age leader and an effective team player.

PO5 : Entrepreneurial Skill development
Enhances newer ways of data sourcing, risk analysis and management required for entrepreneur

PO6 : Global Perspective
Provides the students with the global business and cultural exposure to adopt for international business environment

PO7 : Ethical Orientation
Practice professional ethical principles in all spheres of business

PO8 : Sustainable Development
Gain functional insights that lead to sustainable development in business

PO9 : Lifelong Learning
Nurturing individual values for self development and practices lifelong learning through competency development