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Head of the Department

Name : Dr. K. Maran Qualification : Ph.D.,Department : Sairam Institute of Management Studies View Profile


Highest Qualification
Date Of Joining the Institute
1Dr.K MaranPROF.Ph.D15/07/1998
2Dr.Sasirekha VPROF.Ph.D12/10/2000
3Dr.V Hemanth KumarPROF.Ph.D2/1/2004
4Dr.B Venkateswara PrasadASSO. PROF.Ph.D29/09/2008
5Dr.R SureshASSO. PROF.Ph.D30/08/1999
6Dr.S SankarASSO. PROF.Ph.D14/12/2005
7Dr.A Krishna SudheerPROF.Ph.D17/06/2010
8Dr.K SoundarapandiyanPROF.Ph.D21/08/2006
9Dr.V.DhayalanASST. PROF.M.Phil Ph.D7/6/2010
10N.VidyaASST. PROF.MBA29/07/2011
11K.MuruganASST. PROF.MBA01.06.2012
12K.S Usman MohideenASST. PROF.MBA1/6/2010
13R.JeyalakshmiASST. PROF.MBA4/6/2010
14V.ManjulaASST. PROF.MBA28/07/2011
15J.BharanitharanASST. PROF.MBA29/07/2011
16R.RevathiASST. PROF.MBA17/11/2011
17G.MohanarangamASST. PROF.MBA17/02/2012
18P.SasikalaASST. PROF.MBA20/02/2012
19T.Praveen KumarASST. PROF.MBA01.06.2012
20S.Dinesh KumarASST. PROF.MBA01.06.2012
21P.VenkateshASST. PROF.MBA01.06.2012
22G.Bhavani DeviASST. PROF.MBA01.06.2012
23Dr.R MuralikrishnanASST. PROF.Ph.D01.06.2012
24S.SubhashiniASST. PROF.MBA01.07.2013

Visiting Faculty

S. No.
Academic Qualification
Work Experience
1Mr. L. Sudarsana
Rao, G.M. (Retd.) –HR, Simpson & Co.
Industrial Labor and LawB.L, PGDPM, PGDLL.40 YEARS – Industry and Teaching
2Mr. SivaSubramanian, Vice President – Marketing, Lakshmi Foods (P) Ltd.,Retail and Rural MarketingBSc., MBA25 Years Industry
4Jay Desai CEO Institute of Global Competitiveness, USAInternational HRMPhD. MBA.20 years Industry
5Somasekhar VG Vice President Reliance CommunicationMarketing ManagementMBA15 years Industry
6Mr. Kai!ash Savant, CEO SFP sons (I) Pvt. Ltd., ChennaiInternational TradeB.Sc, MBA20 YEARS – Industry
7Mr. Peter Sahayaraj, General Manager - Everonn SystemsAdvertising & Sales PromotionB.E,MBA16 YEARS – Industry  2 YEARS Teaching–
8Mr. Ganesh, Sr. Manager - HR NokiaHuman Resource Management & Managerial Behavior and EffectivenessMBA10YEARS – lndustry
9Mr. C K Raj, Management ConsultantQuality ManagementB.E.,MBA(IIM-A)25 YEARS – Industry
10Dr. Velnamby, Professor Jaffna University, Sri LankaFinanceMBA, Ph.D.,15 Years Teaching
11Mr.N.J.Lakshmi Narayan,  Managing Director – Build HR., Chennai.Organisational Behaviour & Human Resource ManagementMSW17 Years Industry
Mr.E.Sharath Babu, CEO, Food Kings (I) Pvt Ltd., EntrepreneurshipB.Tech., MBA IIM(A) 7 Years Industry

Apart from the core faculty members, adjunct faculty members from industry, corporate, and academicians are to take up special lecturers on specialized areas and current issues, and is conducted every week as a practice


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